The controversial move of a multi-billionaire

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Dara Khosrowshahi said, “I think in this industry in general, drivers are somewhat underestimated.” He used his experience as an Uber driver transporting passengers to make important changes to the Uber app.

During his time as an Uber driver, he was punished by the app for turning down requests from some passengers and accepting tips from some customers, while also facing several other challenges that helped him to Touch and understand closely the problems that drivers are dealing with.

Khosrowshahi, sharing his experiences during that period, announced that he faced problems to register as an Uber driver and was punished by the application for rejecting the requests of some passengers, and at the same time reminded that the rudeness of some Uber passengers caused him It was hard and unbearable.

Khosrow Shahi’s campaign, called Project Boomerang, led to one of the biggest changes to Uber’s business since its inception in 2009. This happened in a situation where Uber’s CEO was under intense pressure from investors to increase the company’s profits.





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