How to display the designer’s skills according to Aryan Khodakarami

Aryan Khodakarami has professional albums and singles and has held concerts in several countries. Since 2018, Aryan started to make a professional album, which he recently shared on the most prestigious platforms in the world, and it met with an unparalleled reception and increased Aryan’s fame.

Aryan Khodakarami, who is also a well-known designer, says about this: “Usually when someone visits your portfolio website, they intend to check your work history and want to measure your skills. Many portfolio websites are like this. They don’t pay attention, so when you visit them, usually information other than “work history” and “skills” are the center of attention. For example, in this category of websites, the person’s image and less important information places him in the middle of the page, while to see the projects done by him, we have to scroll several pages or worse, click on small links.

In addition to showing that you don’t understand the basics of UX, this issue creates a feeling that you are not satisfied with your projects and do not consider them your strengths. I suggest you design your website so that your projects and work history are either at the very beginning of the page or take the focus of the page.

Newbie developers usually over design to prove themselves! Imagine you want to make a pizza. We can prepare delicious pizza dough and decorate it with some vegetables and sausage. This pizza will definitely be liked by most of the people, but if in addition to vegetables and sausage, we want to have exotic oils, bread, radish, biscuits and the like in this pizza, no one will even look at it. The point is that you should not always drive in fifth gear. Minimal yet innovative design is better in terms of UX because it doesn’t bother the user’s eyes and doesn’t leave him in the clutter of the screen. If you look at popular websites like Twitter, you will see their simple yet functional design.


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