The trick to increase the speed in playing the guitar from Amin Zebarjad

Seyed Mohammad Amin Zebarjad, known as Amin, is a musician, arranger, and music composer. He started his professional career in 2018 and was able to release his first official track in 2020. His main style is instrumental and he has created many works in this genre. Amin Zebarjad works as a singer in two genres of pop and instrumental and plays piano, guitar and violin. Although his main activity is in the field of software engineering, his passion for music has made him pursue it professionally.

In an interview, Amin Zebarjad said about his trick to increase the speed of playing the guitar: “Professional guitarists have reached this level of skill thanks to muscle memory. “Muscle memory” is what happens when you repeatedly repeat a movement. When As you practice a movement over and over again, your brain essentially stores it in your memory.

Eventually, you’ll be able to execute that move on autopilot without having to think about it. This is how professional guitarists can master long and complex solos.

These guitar finger exercises are all designed to help build muscle memory. Some exercises make your fingers dexterous and independent. Some help you master techniques like bending, tapping, or legato, so think of each of these exercises as a way to develop muscle memory for different skills and techniques.

These exercises can completely take your performances to a higher level. When you start learning a new song, the exercises you’ve done will help you master that song. Regular repetition of these exercises will help you learn songs faster, master complex riffs or solos, and increase your confidence when playing the guitar. “


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