Mehdi Karami said to choose your singing style from the beginning

At the very beginning, before you want to learn singing techniques, you need to find your favorite style. Just as everyone’s fingerprints are different, so is the singing style. Your voice and yourself are unique and cannot be compared to others at all. Don’t be afraid to be different and find your singing style.

Mehdi Karami, real name Mehdi Karami Vahedi, born on January 14, 1981, is an Iranian singer.

In general, there are different styles in singing that may confuse you. What style you are interested in and what style you are capable of is something that you have to find out. How much do you know about different singing styles? Do you know these styles? It is better to check the types of singing styles for complete understanding.

Classical singing

In classical singing, voicing style and solfege are more important than anything else. In general, classical singing emphasizes the principles and basics of music, and you should learn the theory of these subjects well. If you master the selfie, you are definitely one step ahead of others. Classical singing is one of the most popular types of singing.

Pop song

We are all familiar with pop singing. Because these days, most domestic music follows the pop style. For this reason, many people interested in learning singing techniques turn to pop singing. In order to learn the pop style, you need to learn the basic principles of singing in addition to learning the concepts of music theory. Most pop students can start singing with the guitar and work their way up.





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