Akbar Azadifar, born on 20th of Bahman 1361 in Lorestan, is an actor and athlete.

He started wrestling at the age of eight and reached the national team camps, later he entered bodybuilding and now he shines in the field of acting and MMA.
Akbar Azadi Far (Akbar Azadi Far) nicknamed “Akbar Cheriki” was born and grew up as the only child of the family in Darabi neighborhood of Kohdasht Lorestan as a member of Taigha Abdoli.
Saeed Abdouli is his cousin’s Olympic champion in wrestling.

From 1368, when he was 8 years old, he started wrestling professionally in the Takhti hall under the supervision of “Yadullah Konani” and won several medals up to the youth category.

Then, during the coaching period of “Mansour Barzegar” by Bahman Shahbazi, he was present in the preparation camps of the national team for two years and trained with the team.

Introduction to bodybuilding

After wrestling, he seriously entered the field of bodybuilding, and one of his main competitors was Hadi Choopan, Babak Wardhan, Hamid Lakzai and the late Baitullah Abbaspour.

He participated in the selection of the national team thirty times and was also present in two Diamond Cups.
From iron men to MMA matches

In 1380, when he was 20 years old, he entered the world of iron men and powerlifting and participated in two iron men competitions and powerlifting championships.

He then entered the professional world of MMA and boxing competitions from 1391 under the coach (Hamid Safaei Parsa) and now has a record of seven wins and only one loss and has two belts in Azerbaijan and Georgia.
Entering the field of acting

In 2017, Akbar Azadifar got his first acting experience with the movie “Texas Two” along with Sam Derakhshani and Pejman Jamshidi at the invitation of “Masoud Atyabi” (director).

Among his other films, we can mention “Good, Bad Kitty”, “Terminal”, “Bucharest” and “Secret Army” series.
The story of the title of guerrilla

Akbar Azadifar says about the nickname “Akbar Guerrilla” that this name has been perpetuated by one of his commanders who called him Guerrilla from his military service during the Ranger period.





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