Learn the basics of rap songs from Mahyar

Mahyar is one of the members of the Asli group under the management of Mohammad Reza shayea and manager Hamid Reza Jafari, said: “If you want to make professional rap songs, then you must be familiar with the basic structure of the rap song. It may seem worrying or difficult for you, but it is actually very simple.”

In a rap song, the lyrics are usually divided into groups of four or five verses that match each other or rhyme. Of course, the number of these groups may be more or less. If we open the problem more precisely, we will reach the main structure of the song, which is usually divided into the beginning or intro, verse, chorus and bridge.

Depending on the song, there may be slight changes in these sections; For example, some songs have pre-chorus or post-chorus, outro (the final part of the song) or other things, and these different parts may be repeated throughout the song.

For example, one of the most common song structures in rap music is as follows:


Now let’s examine each term together:

The introduction or intro, as the name suggests, is the beginning of your song. The introduction may be a motif, or an introduction to the theme or melody of the song. Verse is the story and narrative part of the song where the rapper explains the story or the main theme of the song.

Chorus or chorus is one of the most memorable parts of the song where you have to make your audience sing along with you and create something that sticks in the listener’s mind. The bridge is also a part where you can diversify your song and change its direction a little so that the listener’s ears can rest. A bridge can be a solo or a chord change, melody, etc.

These were the general rules of songwriting, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to them. Don’t be afraid to be creative, go wild and break these rules once in a while. The most important thing about song structure is that your song is coherent and that you create the right ups and downs throughout the work.”





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