Bielsa’s strange statements: I am not a great coach!

Marcelo Bielsa, the current famous head coach of the Uruguayan national team, who won this title yesterday, now has to pass his third international experience after the national team of Argentina and Chile.

In his press conference when he was introduced as the head coach of the Uruguayan national team, he made some interesting points and said: The Uruguayans did not have to convince me to come here. I would even argue that it was the other way around. My desire to participate in the Uruguay national team had two reasons; First, there are very good players in this team and I like them very much, and secondly, the Uruguayan national team understands the culture of the people of this country very well and identifies with it.

He further added: We play to win in every match. When things go wrong, you must fight and when there is success, we must avoid pride; Because failure is close to us.

Bielsa, who is known as one of the top theorists in the world of football, received a standing ovation from the reporters when he entered the conference room. But he denied his presence among the elite of the football world and said: There are about 20 big clubs in the world that I have not coached in any of them and they did not give me this opportunity. So how can I be one of the best coaches in the world without coaching a big club? There is no such example. So I am not one of the best coaches in the world.






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