Criticism of the voice assistant Siri increased

The teams at Apple working on the Siri voice assistant and artificial intelligence are in a rather tense situation. According to the claims of publications, organizational inefficiency and lack of ambition have caused Apple’s efforts to improve Siri and the technology used in this voice assistant to be unsuccessful.

One of the big problems that Siri Group is dealing with is retaining the employees of this department. According to knowledgeable sources, three of the Siri project engineers have left Apple and joined Google. These three engineers, who joined Apple in 2019 following the acquisition of startup Laserlike, believed that Google was a better company for AI projects. CEO Sundar Pichai apparently personally asked them to hire them at Google. On the other hand, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, tried to keep them, but ultimately failed.

According to reports, Apple employees do not take Siri voice assistant seriously and do not have a positive view of this service. At one point, the team working on the Reality Pro mixed reality headset was so unhappy with Siri that they wanted to create “alternative ways” to control the headset via voice commands.

According to informed sources, Apple’s senior executives have a cautious approach to Siri, because they are worried that the voice assistant will make mistakes in its answers. ChatGPT has made mistakes like this many times before, but Apple is a much bigger company than OpenAI, and Siri’s mistake could be very problematic for Cupertinos.

Apparently, Apple employees doubt that the company can make a service of ChatGPT’s size available to the audience with Siri.


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