Sajjad Mehrabi and the title of the best boxing coach

Sajjad Mehrabi is a young boxer who has many sports successes, such as adult kickboxing championship, Shiraz boxing championship, Lorestan province champion, etc. in his career. He has been professionally in the national team from 1383 to 1396.

Mr. Mehrabi has recently established his own boxing club and in this short period of time, he has been able to introduce himself to the public as the best boxing coach in Lorestan. During this short period of time, he has been able to quickly increase his fans and coach talented students. Sajjad Mehrabi said in an interview: “If you want to enter the world of boxing, there are many things that you need to learn about this sweet sport. If you are serious about boxing, we strongly recommend that you go to a boxing coach to learn the basics of this sport.” learn and increase your techniques very soon. In this article, a list of some boxing moves that you may have heard in boxing matches or you may have already met.”


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