You can talk to the dead with ChatGPT!

The maker of apps like Brass and StickerHub has released a new app called Superchat. This app allows iOS users to chat with historical figures such as Shakespeare, Einstein, Cleopatra or fictional characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Thor or Snow White through ChatGPT artificial intelligence.

Superchat application allows you to talk with different characters with the help of GPT-3.5 artificial intelligence of OpenAI company. Gorilla Technologies, the developer of this program, says that their goal was to increase the accessibility of artificial intelligence; Because not all people know how to talk to chatbots like ChatGPT.

In addition, this application can be a suitable tool to introduce children to historical figures such as Beethoven or Da Vinci. Due to the fact that children are part of the audience of this program, the creators of Superchat have brought characters representing different professions such as gardening, cooking and medicine to this application so that children can talk to them and get to know their work.

Gorilla Technologies has also created its own personal assistant with ChatGPT, called Aria, which can help you with daily tasks such as writing emails or advertising texts.

The Superchat app is designed like a messenger that allows users to chat with different chatbots at the same time. Some of the characters of this application will be available to users for free after installation, but the rest must be purchased.

The characters presented in this program know their characteristics and historical past, but the way they speak is not much different from general artificial intelligence tools. However, Gorilla Technologies has promised to make the characters’ speech more accurate in the future.





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