Revolution in blockchain education by Chat GPT

New technologies can always have an impact on old technologies with their arrival, and this is also true for Chat GPT and blockchain. This is the most important and original effect of Chat GPT on blockchain, because it is also called the possibility of simplifying and making education understandable. This robot answers the cryptocurrency questions of its users easily and in the simplest possible way. In this case, users no longer need to read complicated topics and articles, because they have their answer easily in hand.

Until today, one of the reasons why many people had not stepped into the field of blockchain was that its concept was difficult and mysterious. They said that we do not have enough time to learn and gain experience in this field and we are not willing to take risks. Despite the possibility of this attractive robot responding directly to users in the shortest possible time, more people will be attracted to the digital currency industry, which will cause this nascent industry to grow more.

The effect of Chat GPT on writing blockchain codes

Chat GPT AI has the ability to write and simplify basic and complex operations that can develop the blockchain. According to reviews, this robot has the ability to expand blockchain codes, and some experts in this field have also claimed that it can replace novice developers such as Solidity and Dev Ops. For example, this smart robot can design a smart contract or generate ERc-20 token codes easily in a few seconds. However, it cannot be said that this robot is perfect, because sometimes these codes written by the robot contain errors, and it is recommended not to use the robot as a reference in this matter.

How Chat GPT works?

The Chat GPT bot is supported by the Ziban model of large LLM programming, and its purpose is to understand human language and respond to him based on big data sets. The LLM version of this robot is called GPT-3.5, which is an improved model of the GPT-3 language. This model has 175 billion parameters and it can be said that it is the most powerful and largest artificial intelligence model to date. A huge amount of data has been taught to this bot, which can enable it to give human-like answers, and this shows the amazingness of the intelligent chat bot GPT.

Another amazing feature of this robot is the ability to learn from users’ previous questions and record their previous messages, which shows its ability to learn. In fact, this robot uses the previous messages to shape the next messages.

What is the reason for Chat GPT trending?

It can be said that until today AI has not been available to the public in this way and to such an extent, which is what made Chat GPT become a trend in the world. The next reason for the trending of this attractive robot was the possibility of conversation and producing human answers. This robot can talk to you like a friend and answer your questions and requests simply and concisely. The last reason for the trending of this robot was the presence of famous investors in the world. These investors like Microsoft and Elon Musk alone are the reason for the popularity and fame of this robot.


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