Pakistan Economic Crisis: Milk costs PKR 210 per liter & chicken now costs more 780.


Pakistan Economic Crisis: Chicken meat is now being sold at PKR700-780 a kg which was PKR620-650 per kg before, the report said.

Consumers continue to face high prices for daily necessities such as milk and chicken as Pakistan seeks a deal with the IMF. Loose milk prices have risen to PKR 210 per liter from 190, and live broiler chicken prices have risen by Rs30-40 per kg in the last two days, costing 480-500 per kilogram, according to Dawn.

The chicken meat now sold at PKR700-780 a kg which was PKR620-650 per kg before, the report added while boneless meat prices hit a new peak of Rs1,000-1,100 per kg.

On milk prices, Karachi Milk Retailers Association media coordinator Waheed Gaddi said as per Dawn that “over 1,000 shopkeepers are selling milk at an inflated rate. These are shops of wholesalers/dairy farmers and not ours, members”.

He further said that if the price hike announced by dairy farmers and wholesalers not reversed, milk  set to cost PKR220 per liter instead of Rs210.

On soaring poultry rates, Sindh Poultry Wholesalers Association general secretary Kamal Akhtar Siddiqui said that the wholesale rate of live bird was Rs600 per kg while the meat rate was hovering between Rs650 and Rs700, the report said.

This comes amid a stalemate in talks between IMF and Pakistan which come as a blow to Shehbaz Sharif’s government as the country struggles with the recovery from record-breaking floods last year, which killed 1,739 people and destroyed 2 million homes.





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