Thar falls after colliding with Nano. Yes, you read that correctly.


A Mahindra Thar toppled after colliding with a Tata Nano in Chhattisgarh’s Durg on Friday. The incident occurred near the mini stadium in Padmanabhpur of the Drug district.

The front of Nano hit the side of Thar, making it turn upside down. No one was injured in the incident, as the pillar of the Thar remained unaffected.

The front of the Nano had minor damage, but it stood still. Following the incident, the people circled the car to have a look.

“An accident took place between a Tata Nano and a Thar near the Padmanapur mini stadium under the Padmanabhpur police station around 12.30 pm. The Thar overturned, but no report has been lodged as no one was injured,” said Town inspector Rajiv Tiwari.

Mahindra Thar being an SUV is comparatively heavier and costlier than the Tata Nano, which was developed to cater to the demand for cars of the middle class in India.

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Due to the top-heavy set-up of the SUVs, which is caused by high ground clearance, they tend to overturn much more than the standard hatchbacks or sedans. One should be extra careful at high speeds while driving SUVs at high-speed. With the high ground clearance, the center of gravity of the vehicle moves away from the surface of the road. This causes instability in SUVs. This is why taking high-speed corners in an SUV gives you the scare while it feels perfectly fine in low-slung cars like sedans.

The high ground clearance makes the SUVs prone to tilt over and fall. This is why people should be more careful when they drive SUVs, especially when they change from a sedan.

Mahindra is all set to launch the new Thar five-door in the Indian market next year. Before the all-new Thar comes to the market, Mahindra has started testing the SUV full-fledged. Mahindra also launched the 4X2 Thar which makes it much more affordable in the market.





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