BBC offices searched by IT for 2nd day, employees asked to work from home.


According to numerous media reports, Income Tax officials will be inspecting BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) offices in Delhi and Mumbai for the second straight day on Wednesday as part of a tax evasion investigation. Following the broadcast of a two-part BBC documentary on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Gujarat riots in 2002, the controversy sparked.

According to a report, BBC has instructed its employees by email to work from home and refrain from answering questions about their incomes. “Employees can refrain from answering questions on personal income if asked so. They should answer other salary-related queries,” the email read. 

The national broadcaster of the UK advised its employees to assist income tax officials and “answer questions thoroughly.” According to sources cited by the Indian media outlet NDTV, the focus of the most recent survey will be questions about accounts. The investigation will focus on the senior management of the BBC, it further stated.

“The BBC offices in New Delhi and Mumbai continue to staffed by the Income Tax Authorities. While most employees have now left the building, some have asked to stay and are still helping with the investigations “At 10:26 last night, a BBC News Press Team tweet was posted.

“We are supporting our staff during this time and continue to hope to have this situation resolved as soon as possible,” it added. 

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This is the second straight day that BBC offices searched in India. On Tuesday, a team of 60-70 personnel of the Income Tax Department carried out the survey and the employees have asked to not use phones and also do not share details until the search is over. 

The last significant development in the BBC saga occurred last week when India’s top court denied a request for a total ban on BBC in India due to the Modi documentary. The petition  deemed “entirely misconceived” by the Supreme Court. The UK has not yet issued any official statements regarding the searches.





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