IT & Electronics Ministry of India Bans 232 Chinese Mobile Apps Over Illegal Betting and Loan Lending Activities


The Ministry of Electronics and IT of India has banned 232 Chinese mobile applications that were found to be illegally involved in betting and small loan lending activities. The ban, which was announced on 5 Feb, aims to protect the interests of Indian users and secure the country’s digital space.

The banned applications include popular social media platforms, gaming apps, and shopping platforms. The Ministry stated that the ban was imposed after a comprehensive review of the applications and their activities, which revealed that they were engaged in activities that threatened the national security and privacy of Indian citizens.

The ban has been widely welcomed by the Indian public, who have been calling for action against Chinese applications for some time. The move has also been praised by cybersecurity experts, who have highlighted the risks posed by these applications and the need for stricter regulations.

The move to ban these applications also has wider implications for the tech industry in India, as it highlights the need for greater scrutiny and regulation of mobile applications in the country. Many experts believe that this ban will prompt Indian tech companies to develop their own indigenous applications and services, thereby boosting the growth of the domestic tech industry.

The ban also adds to the growing tensions between India and China, which have been escalating in recent months. This move by the Indian government is seen as a direct response to China’s increasing assertiveness in the region, as well as its perceived threat to India’s national security and sovereignty.

The IT & Electronics Ministry has urged Indian users to delete the banned applications from their devices and to refrain from downloading or using any new applications that have links to China. The ministry has also advised users to exercise caution when sharing personal and financial information online.

In conclusion, the ban on these 232 Chinese mobile applications by the IT & Electronics Ministry of India highlights the country’s commitment to protecting the digital rights of its citizens and ensuring the security of its digital space. The move serves as a warning to developers and companies that the government will not tolerate any activities that pose a threat to the country’s security and privacy.

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