Pathaan makes Rs 129 crore in two days.


After a four-year hiatus, the superstar has knocked it out of the park with two record-breaking days in a row. On Day 1, the Pathaan film became the biggest Bollywood opener of all time, grossing Rs 57 crore (Rs 570 million).

On the second day, it did something unthinkable.

It broke the Rs 70 crore (Rs 700 million) barrier and ended up earning Rs 72 crore* (Rs 720 million).

That’s huge, considering how many big projects ended last year with lifetime collections of Rs 60-Rs 70 crore (Rs 600 million to Rs 700 million).

Pathaan has amassed this much in just one day!

That demonstrates the kind of power Shah Rukh Khan can wield on the big screen when the packaging is just right.

Pathaan’s sophistication stems from its packaging.

Aditya Chopra took a no-holds-barred approach, putting him on the offensive.

Sidharth Anand, whose War is the highest-grossing Bollywood film to date, was the perfect choice.

Not only the hero, but also the heroine and the villain, had to be superstars.

Deepika Padukone and John Abraham stepped in.

Pathaan will be Shah Rukh’s eighth and Deepika’s ninth film.

It will also be their biggest ever in a short period of time, having already grossed Rs 129 crore (Rs 1.29 billion)*: Chennai Express has grossed Rs 227 crore (Rs 2.27 billion), and that mark will  crossed by Sunday.

Padmaavat currently stands at Rs 302.15 crore (Rs 3.02 billion), and this figure may exceeded before the end of the second weekend.

Because today is a regular working day, a Friday, there will be a drop in the numbers. Even if the price falls by half from Wednesday, at least Rs 25 crore (Rs 250 million) will collected.

The weekend will see another increase in numbers.







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