After being admitted to the hospital, Mahekk Chahal posts a video update on her health on social media


Mahekk Chahal, a Bollywood television actress last seen in Naagin 6, recently updated her fans on her health after rumours of her hospitalisation began to circulate. Mahek was identified as having pneumonia and admitted to a local hospital, according to a report from the previous day. The actress claimed in a video she posted on social media that she neglected her typical cold-like symptoms, which worsened the disease.

Mahekk Chahal shared a video on Instagram to reassure her followers that she is recovering. The actress was seen in the video dozing off on a bed and stating, “I am well and much better. Because I was travelling a lot, I believe I disregarded a cold, which led to my developing pneumonia. I was in Delhi and then Chicago. It was freezing. I simply assumed it to be a typical cold cough. It was pneumonia, it turned out. Simply because I was at work, I ignored it.”

The actress continued by advising her followers to get checked out in case the cold-like symptoms develop into something more dangerous and to stop ignoring specific symptoms. Therefore, if you get chest pain when breathing or coughing, please visit a doctor and have it evaluated so that you don’t wind up in the hospital like I did.

Mahekk Chahal was reportedly hospitalised in the ICU due to her health, according to a story in the Hindustan Times. I was in the ICU for three to four days, she was reported as having said. I was being ventilated with oxygen.

On January 2, I suddenly passed out while feeling like I had blades in my chest. I was unable to breathe even a little. I was taken to the hospital urgently and admitted right away. It was done a CT scan.

Even though I’ve been on the regular ward for eight days, I’m still in the hospital. Although I have made significant progress, the oxygen level fluctuates. My lungs were both infected.”





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