Gita Jayanti 2022: 7 life lessons from the Bhagavad Gita


Gita Jayanti 2022: Bhagavad Gita occupies a prominent place among the religious books revered by Hindus. This book contains quotes that throw light on the lost path for the confused mind.

The Bhagavad Gita encourages us to live life with purity, strength, discipline, honesty, kindness and integrity in order to find our purpose and to live it fully.

The book finds its place among the greatest books on spiritual, mental, and materialistic knowledge.

1. Concentrate On Your Goal Do Your Work And Focus Not On The Result

Gita Jayanti 2022

2. Human Life Is Full Of Battles: Never Shirk In fear – Fight To The Last, Stand Your Ground

The Supreme Power has individually created an even human being – or will we say, Everyone is a MASTERPIECE. When every action you do turns negative against your goal, do not shirk in fear. 

Do not expect results. Always understand, it is fears and expectations that cause restrictions and limitations. A valuable lesson from Bhagavad Gita that can shape your future.

3. One of the Best Lessons From the Bhagavad Gita: Identity, Recognize and Accept Equality in Life

Now, this quote is a difficult one to follow. But life will guide any person towards achieving knowledge.

After facing many challenges in life, you tend to see all living and non-living beings as equal. Let it be any circumstance – the feeling of suffering and joy will mean the same.

You realize, the bodies are different but the SOUL is one. And that is the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

4. Desires Will Come To Your Mind And Go

Gita Jayanti 2022

As a human being, you are prone to getting desires. Yet, you should neither suppress a desire nor allow it to take control of your life and mind.

The lessons in Bhagavad Gita advise you to watch and enjoy the show. Remember, doing evil actions just for the sake of fulfilling desires is harmful.

Getting caught in the chains of desire will always end in harm, stress, and the result – rebirth.

5. A Mind Full Of Thoughts About Money Cannot Concentrate Nor Meditate

You can find mentions of meditation in various parts of the Bhagavad Gita. Meditation is the best form of non-physical activity to achieve “Inner Peace” and “Sadhana.” The quote says that a human mind hell-bent on only attaining money cannot focus on meditation nor indulge in the “Inner Self.” So, the concerned person’s mind will always be unstable, and meditation is out of reach.

6. You Are Born Empty-Handed, And You Will Leave This Mother Earth Empty-Handed

Gita Jayanti 2022

Are you on the path to gaining more wealth? You will be taking none of the wealth nor other material possessions to your grave.

You are born without a loin in this world, and your body goes the same way to the other world. Ahem! You cannot take even your mobile phone or a picture of Ranbir Kapoor.

7. Lust, Anger as well Greed – Ways to Self-destruction

The three mentioned are always harmful to mankind. Extreme cravings for sex will turn a human into a sex maniac or nymphomaniac. 

Anger – people will think you are dominating them and you lose friendships/relationships. Greed – you are always restless. The body becomes host to problems such as high blood pressure and jealousy.

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