Check Facts Before Sharing On Social Media: Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Modi said that one should not limit social media to being a source of information

Emphasizing the need to create awareness against fake news. 


The PM on Friday said that Social Media cannot be underestimated and that a small piece of fake news generated by it can create chaos.


 The Prime Minister appealed for people to check facts before sharing messages on social media.


Addressing a ‘Chintan Shivir’ in Haryana of home ministers of states via video conferencing.


 PM Modi said, “For the safety and rights of law-abiding citizens, stringent action against negative forces is our responsibility.


 A small piece of fake news can kick up a storm across the nation…We will have to educate people to think before forwarding anything, verify before believing it…”

He said people must be made aware of the various mechanisms that are now available on all social media platforms to verify messages before forwarding them.


“Fact check of fake news is a must. Technology plays a big role in this. People must be made aware of mechanisms to verify messages before forwarding them,” the prime minister said. 


The Prime Minister said that one should not limit social media to being the source of information.


He said that a piece of single fake news can snowball into a matter of national concern.


The Prime Minister said during the reservation issue, the country had to face losses due to fake news. He said people should think 10 times before forwarding any messages on social media.


He stressed the need to educate people about analyzing and verifying information before forwarding it on social media platforms.


Emphasizing the internal security of the country, Prime Minister said India needs to defeat the threats that are arising from Naxalism be it “gun-toting or pen-wielding”.


“In past few years, all governments have acted responsibly to demolish ground network of terror…We need to handle it by combining our forces. 


We will have to defeat all forms of Naxalism – be it gun-toting or pen-wielding, we will have to find a solution for all of them,” PM said.


Highlighting the importance of having a smart law and order system on par with advanced technologies, PM Modi said the agencies have to be 10 steps ahead of the crime world.


He said, “Today the nature of crimes is changing. We need to understand the new age technologies. We entered the 5G era. Hence we need to be more vigilant,” Prime Minister said. 


With 5G technology, PM said there will be manifold improvement in facial recognition technology, automatic number plate recognition technology, drone and CCTV technology.


“With the advancement in 5G technology, awareness is equally important. It is to ensure that India’s law and order system becomes smart. Technology not only helps in the prevention of crimes but also in crime investigation.


 We will have to be 10 steps ahead of the crime world,” he said.





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