What should be done to become a singer? From the words of Amiraam:

Amiraam: To become a reader, you should pay attention to two points:

(1- timbre or voice color in singing)

The first and perhaps the most important step to discover your singing talent before participating in a singing training course is to understand your own voice color. Voice color is actually a characteristic of the larynx, with the help of which we can distinguish the voices of different people. Infinitely different sound colors can also exist in the world.

To discover your true talent, you must try to find your voice color.

(2- vocal range of the larynx)

The second step before taking a singing class is a proper understanding of your vocal range.

To better understand the sound range of the larynx, you should know that music consists of 7 main notes that are repeated in a circle and go up an octave in each repetition. Just like a round staircase that consists of 7 steps in each floor and the same steps are repeated in the same position from floor to floor. In music, each of these levels is called an octave.





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