Mr. Ali Hasani

Biography of the famous and successful Iranian entrepreneur and musician, Mr. Ali Hasani:

 Ali Hasani is a young man who works in the field of business in cyberspace.

 From the age of 14, he got acquainted with computers and the digital world and started working by learning software and website design, and during three years he focused on social networks, especially Instagram.

To attract audience and followers on Instagram, he started the first series of audience attraction campaigns with small prizes and for this purpose, he agreed with several sponsors who needed to attract followers on their page.

At first, his activity was limited to Instagram digital marketing and activities in the field of content production, advertising in digital media, marketing and management of virtual networks.

 But now it has been a long time since he has started extensive activities in the field of digital currencies

Since a successful entrepreneur always welcomes progress and moving in new ways, and since the cryptocurrency market is a profitable market and a new way to invest, Ali Hasani, who is always looking for new things, entered this field and works in it.

He is one of the famous musicians, some of his works have been supported on world sites such as Vevo.





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