Victorious Marcus – The New Generation Singer Songwriter turning audience with his awe Skills


Marcus Hopkins aka Victorious Marcus is Awards Winning Singer,Songwriter, Elite Flipper Acrobat & Jr Olympian signed with Universal Music Group Distribution Kartel by DJ Flippp. Victorious Marcus won Worldwide Music Award on Best Song called ‘So Called Friend’. He has also received many other awards such as Akademia Award, iTunes Award, Billboard Award for the same song. ‘So Called Friend’is also featured in Cable TV Network worldwide in ‘Indie Network Radio Show.

Marcus grew up in Houston Texas,He attended same School of Performing Arts as WorldPhenomeon Beyonce Knowledgesat Welch Middle School. Marcus also has a Famous Cousin LighninHopkins who sang for Queen Victoria. Marcus Hopkins grew up singing acting flipping in Church. He took acting classes at Houston Drama Academy in Houston, Texas. Marcus also got Model Deals in Houston TX at Celebrity Events with US Concerts. Victorious also booked a Model Deal for Magazines for ‘EA Sports Videogame Apparel’

Victorious Marcus has Half Million Followers & has been Featured in TV Shows like Disney ‘s The Hannah Montana Show with MileyCyrus to Sony’s with a Chance with Demi Lovato to Step Up 3D.

Victorious Marcus just Finished his New EP 4 Gold DJ Flippp on August 31 on Soundcloud & all other platform in September with new music video with Feat DJ Flippp in works.  VM is also set to collaborate with Celeb YouTuberAirrack after signing documents. Also he has Own TV Show in Production with Grammys, Owner of The Las Vegas TV Production Jon Fondy. Victorious Marcus also signed an NFT Deal with Stardom Chance who is making a movie. His social media presence are – Instagram @VictoriousMarcus1, Facebook @VictoriousMarcusWin ,Twitter @conquerer1,





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