Why isn’t Bollywood living it up to the expectations of the audiences?


Hindi film industry, or how some audiences like to call it Bollywood, has been one of the greatest entertainment sectors around the world over the years, with die-hard fans spread all over the globe.

Even non-Indians have been crazy followers of Bollywood, where many have even danced to Hindi tunes in different parts of the world; such is the craze the industry has had so far.

But, somewhere, the light that Bollywood radiated proudly now appears dimmed by many factors.

The industry, which is seen as the world’s biggest film industry, with a massive number of movies released every year, is now struggling as the effects of the pandemic have had a huge impact on the industry.

However, one also cannot unseen how audiences today have strongly voiced their opinion on matters like “Nepotism,” which has kind of become a favourite word for many, based on which they have been boycotting films of “Nepo Kids.”

The boycott culture has now taken over Bollywood, which is another grave concern for the industry, say, film experts, who want people to know that a film is made with a whole team, cast, and crew and doesn’t only include a star they don’t like.

They want audiences to understand that livelihoods are dependent on them and thus not just for those star kids; they should go watch such movies for the story and the many others whose livelihoods rely on the same.

Another factor why they believe Bollywood isn’t living up to the expectations is because audiences already have incredible online content from different languages of the world at the tip of their fingers. With so much content already available, high expectations is natural.

As of July 2022, it was reported that out of 20 notable Hindi language films, 15 tanked at the box office, which led to a loss of about $90m – $100m.

Some film goers and lovers blame the weak content in films starring big celebrities, which they believe have not attracted audiences enough to buy tickets for theatres.

Many are of the opinion that makers in the Hindi film industry will have to buck up and come up with content that would not just show the stardom of these celebrities but have some substance that can compel audiences to buy tickets for theatres.


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