The internet is in a meltdown after Harry Styles “spitted” on Chris Pine.  – Casey Weekly


 The drama of Don’t Worry Darling never ends. After the  Shia LaBeouf-Florence Pugh-Olivia Wilde beef whole, a new potential clash has surfaced.The video for the film, which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, is about what’s true and what’s purely eye-catching. Opinion is divided on the Internet whether it is an illusion. 

 A video was released Tuesday of the cast and crew of Don’t Worry Darling taking their seats for a screening at the festival. Olivia Wilde sat next to Chris Pine, and Harry Styles also came along. When I sat  next to Chris, it looked like he was spitting on his lap, and when he stopped clapping and smiled and looked down at his knees, his expression seemed to fit  the scene. But Harry sat down and looked around without changing his expression. “As for  the endless tabloid gossip and noise. The Internet feeds itself. I don’t feel the need to contribute.

I think I’m fed enough,” she said at a press conference.As dramatic as real life, the film follows Florence and Harry as they discover happiness in a colorful 1950s community deep in the American desert. play a couple. But the idyllic calm is shattered when one of the neighborhood housewives disappears and Pugh’s character Alice arrives to question the reality around her.

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