Positive changes in the Hindi film industry after the pandemic. Read on to know more.


There have been a lot of things that have changed over the last few years, owing to a myriad of factors. Many things that generally happen around the world directly have an impact, positive/negative, on the many industries worldwide and, of course, the people.

However, what the pandemic did to the world was something no one ever could predict or see coming.

This global health crisis directly impacted almost every industry, including the entertainment sector. Films were closed down, sets had to be demolished, livelihoods were affected, and people went out of work for an extended period.

Amidst all this, hundreds of films across entertainment sectors of the world were shelved or postponed indefinitely. Bollywood was among them to have incurred massive losses, which also heavily affected the economy of India.

The Indian film industry, which includes Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, and many other regional entertainment sectors, had to face the brunt of the same, which led to thousands of multiplexes and theatres shut down.

But, with every challenging situation, there comes hidden opportunities as well. Since everything was shut down, people took the path of digital viewing, and hence content was created to entertain audiences digitally from home.

The digital media and the rise of OTT platforms today can be compared to none as it has paved the path of growth of the industry in unbelievable ways.

With the onset of 2022, things started looking positive in the industry, with many films made and released.

Makers and producers are now focused on creating compelling films, web series, and shows that can be reached anywhere in the world with OTT platforms. Films today are released online even with the biggest of stars from Bollywood and other industries, which is proof of how well the world is moving towards a digital universe.

After the lockdowns ended in India, makers not only released their films in theatres but later also dropped them on OTT platforms to reach a wider audience and create more momentum for those films or web projects.

OTT platforms had started as an alternative to the cinema, but looking at the massive growth it has created as an industry of its own, it is today at par with theatre-viewing experiences; believe industry experts who highlight that this is going to continue for years to come.


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