5 Oval Sunglasses That Make Your Face Looks Balanced


Making the right pick when it comes to eyewear is a process that depends on a variety of factors. The manner in which we look for particular sizes and silhouettes that work for us in clothing can be applied to eyewear since there is an abundance of options that can often become difficult to navigate for the right pick. In this case, sizes and face shapes should be considered before making the final purchase.

The face shape is the deciding factor which dictates whether a particular type of sunglasses will suit you. The rule of contrast is always followed, where rounder faces are suggested to go for sharper and edgier designs, whereas angular faces are told to choose round or oval shaped sunglasses. The reason for this rule is so that the glasses do not end up drowning out your features instead of making them stand out. Hence, if you are looking for a pair of stunning oval sunglasses that can add balance to your face without overwhelming your features, here are some options for you.

Black and Yellow

Oval sunglasses have their own captivating quality when it comes to their ability to lift a face and make it look more youthful. These particular oval shape glasses achieve the same, but with a vibrant twist. The frames of these sunglasses are meant to make you stand out with their stylish black and yellow design. While most of these oval sunglasses bodies are in black, the bottom half of the frame near the lenses are speckled with a bright yellow.

Boundless in Blue

Designs in oval sunglasses are designed to make your face look shapelier and more balanced, and this pair is the perfect example of the same. Made from a gun metal body that holds light lenses in a blue hue, these oval shape sunglasses can transform your look within seconds. Whenever you step outside, donning these gunmetal oval sunglasses is sure to capture the attention of every onlooker in the most effortless manner.

The Vintage Gold

While the ability of oval shape sunglasses to balance out your features is well established, they can also transform your personal aesthetic when styled correctly. The most effective way to do so, is by sporting these lean and light oval shape glasses in gold that can elevate every ensemble. The very orientation of the lenses and the double brow line of these gold-rimmed sunglasses is an ode to the best of vintage designs.

The Pilot Purple

This purple pair of oval sunglasses is also one that belongs in your collection of sunglasses to truly make it an enviable selection. These sunglasses may seem simple in terms of design, but they are inspired by the pilot frame glasses such as Navigators and Aviators due to the characteristic nose bridge detail. In these oval shape sunglasses, the lenses have been adapted into the frame to pay homage to the iconic pilot designs making it a must-have for your collection.

Oval sunglasses are some of the most versatile eyewear picks, since it contrasts almost every face shape very well. The unconventional silhouette of oval sunglasses is often delegated as an ‘experimental’ pick. Still, it can become the most reliable accessory in your wardrobe for that added pop of balanced eccentricity to your look. Therefore, you can explore more options in oval shape glasses and oval sunglasses by brands like Titan Eyeplus as they offer the best selection of new styles with trendy frames at affordable prices.


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