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 The world is an unfair place when you are a lion. Even if they kill your whole family and you decide to take down John Wick, is  Idris Elba still the hero? You’re portrayed as a rampaging bloodthirsty villain But is gun-toting Keanu Reeves getting a hit sequel in a sleek black suit? Well, not fair. 

 Jokes aside, it seems unlikely that Beast will get a sequel. The film, directed by Icelandic Balthazar Kormakhur, is a generic survival drama, relying primarily on  jump scares to create a false sense of thrill. When you laugh at that silly laugh it goes away. The writing is lazy and the characters do stupid things that no one in their right mind would do. Idris Elba (Luther, Suicide Squad) plays Nate, a doctor from New York who goes on vacation in Africa with his two daughters after the death of his wife. Nate blames himself for his wife’s death, and his eldest daughter blames him for not giving his wife the attention she deserves.

All of this might seem like a recipe for a good family drama in the midst of a struggle to survive. Always loud with awkward dialogue.If you’re running out  of options and haven’t seen it already, Beast could  be your only option in theaters this week.Simple, terrifying, melodramatic and , which takes 1.5 hours. For me, I will see Nope again.

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