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 A few days ago,  actor Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly broke up with his girlfriend Camila Morrone. The couple dated for four years, the  longest of any of the actors’ long relationships.When news of the split surfaced, many social media users were skeptical that Camila had turned 25 just two months ago and was 47. pointed out that Leonardo has never actually dated anyone over the age of 25. Soon, memes flooded Twitter about Leo’s “weirdness…age restriction”. 

 Leonardo was 43 and Camila was 21 when they started dating. The actor has been criticized for his age gap, but the actor and model have never really spoken out about it.On Wednesday, a People magazine report said a source claimed  the stars had “terminated their relationship.” Representatives for both sides declined to comment, but rumors quickly spread. Eventually, a genius created a graphic depicting Leonardo’s dating history and highlighted a very important point. He said he has never dated a man over the age of 25. 

  In his 30-year career, Leonardo DiCaprio has dated  high-profile women,  from Gisele Bündchen and Blake his Lively to Nina Adgal. As the graph shows, a common theme was that as he got older, his romantic partners were always  in the early twenties age range. 

 In fact, some  even dug up a tweet from June, when many  rather bluntly “predicted” that Camila’s 25th birthday would signal the “end of the days” for the couple. , Some claimed, “Netizens seemed to predict that Leo would break up with his girlfriend when he turned 25 in June, and  that actually happened.” “Have you ever thought that #LeonardoDiCaprio didn’t just break up with his girlfriend, he’s 25 and has a developed frontal lobe  and realizes he could do better and break up with him?” one user said. joked. Leo’s last appearance was  in Netflix’s Dark His Comedy Don’t Look Up,  released earlier this year. He is currently working on Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, which also stars Robert De Niro, Jesse Plemons, Lily Gladstone and Brendan Fraser.

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