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From a heart valve specialist to an event planner, CBS Survivor season 43 has contenders from a mixture of fields. Here are all the pieces of Survivor season 43 cast and its premiere date. Survivor is one of the longest-running reality TV shows and is completing a lot of gossip on the Internet nowadays with the release of a new season. In the show, a bunch of strangers are abandoned in a remote location, and they have to find methods to deliver food, shelter, and fire for themselves. The individual who endures till the end wins a million dollars. CBS Survivor season 43 is proceeding to premiere on September 21, 2022, and lovers are eager to learn who the castaways are this season. The cast for Season 43 of CBS’ Survivor has been announced, and the 18 castaways’ age span from 19 to 52, while their works contain elevator sales, heart valve experts, pet cremators, and U.S. Paralympian.

Curling Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 8/7c with a two-hour premiere, Survivor Season 43 will see 18 new entertainers dumped on the stunning islands of Fiji. These persistent castaways need vital colonial skills, strategic insight, and physical fixedness, per CBS. They will be separated into three tribes of six and meet a more immediate, more intense season from the instant they step on the shore. The moral difficulties and unexpected problems will test even the most powerful opponent, as food is low, bonuses and stores are tiniest, and the cognitive and biological challenges need players to make unbelievable conclusions and change their techniques every day.

Survivor season 43 cast contending for a whopping cash reward 

1. Cassidy Clark

2. Cody Assenmacher

3. Dwight Moore

4. Elisabeth “Elie” Scott

5. Geo Bustamante

6. James Jones

7. Jeanine Zheng

8. Jesse Lopez 

9. Justine Brennan

10. Karla Cruz Godoy

11. Lindsay Carmine 

12. Mike “Gabler” Gabler  

13. Moriah Young

14. Nneka Ejere

15. Noelle Lambert 

16. Owen Knight 

17. Ryan Medrano 

18. Sami Layadi

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