Amir Mohsen Moradian

What is a podcast and how to listen to a podcast? From the words of Amir Mohsen Moradian:

Podcasts are Internet radio conversations that you can download and listen to at your leisure.

The word “podcast” is composed of two words “pod” and “broadcast”. Pod refers to iPod devices.

This means that podcasts are portable content that you can listen to anywhere. Broadcast also refers to the radio feature of podcasts.

So a podcast is a recorded audio conversation between a host and a guest that you can listen to just like a radio interview. A podcast can even be a solitary morning of someone who shares his thoughts and experiences with others. The topic of podcasts is also unlimited and can be about any topic, from business and marketing to tourism, yoga, etc.

Podcast listening is a lot easier than you think. You can search for audio files on the website of podcasters (podcast producers) and listen just by pressing the play button. In other words, podcasts are the most popular type of listening to radio content during daily commutes.





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