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Based on the actual 1985 film that included Michael J. Fox, MTV’s paranormal sequence was on for six years before it was covered up in 2017. Five years after its cord TV run, Tyler Posey’s Alpha Wolf, Scott McCall, and his Wolf Pack are repaying on the small screen through a Paramount+ resurrection movie. When it debuts, yet, Teen Wolf: The Movie will be skipping Stiles Stilinski.

How Movie Can Manage Stiles’ Lack

According to the authorized overview of the project, a brand new danger arrives at Beacon Hills causing Scott to return and lead a brand unique mission in Teen Wolf: The Movie. He assembles a group of old and familiar faces to court off with what could be the most prominent foe that they have ever come through. Despite the lack of material presence from the personality, however, Teen Wolf: The Movie already has a confirmed connection to the character — the arrival of his Jeep, as seen in the project’s trailer. Aside from that, hope that there will be an answer provided as to why he isn’t reunited with Scott and his Wolf Pack as they face another difficult foe.

Why Dylan O’Brien Is Not Joining For The Teen Wolf Film

Unfortunately, as details about the project appear, it evolved clear that O’Brien wouldn’t be interested in it until the actor himself approved it. According to him, while he would’ve adored partaking in the film considering how much he values his old castmates, Teen Wolf: The Movie‘s development happened very fast. Because Teen Wolf’s conclusion left Stiles in such a great location O’Brien opted to ignore the reboot, so it was most appropriate for him to sit out the Paramount+ reboot. 

Can The Teen Wolf Movie Truly Work Without Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles?

Admittedly, the idea of doing a Teen Wolf project without O’Brien seems like a poor film. His character was one of the several items that made the MTV show so popular; arguably, it continues to be what O’Brien is best apprehended for even years after the series ended. It’s extra that he will not arise in Teen Wolf: The Movie, but their past incident demonstrates that they can reach up with a thrilling narrative despite the tiniest screen time from O’Brien. Maybe, it can even set up Stiles‘ eventual rescue to Beacon Hill in case the scheme ends up being a sensation and a sequel obtains greenlit.

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