Biography of Iranian musician Amin RZ:

Amin Rezaei, with the stage name Amin RZ, is a talented Iranian artist born in the month of…

This artist has been active in the field of singing for some time and due to his good talent in this field, he has succeeded in being very brilliant in the short time he entered this field professionally.

Amin has a beautiful voice and a romantic feeling. Since he was a teenager, he was interested in composing melodies and spent experimental composition courses.

He is more talented in literature and poetry, than his spirit, you can point to his wit and mischief in performance.
This artist has started his career in the field of singing and learning this music profession since he was a teenager.

After he became famous in the year…., he chose the stage name Amin RZ for himself.

After learning various music and singing techniques, this artist released his first song called “…..” in the year of…






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