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New promotional pictures have been released for Sex Education season 4 which seem to place Otis and Ruby front and interior. Behind its debut in 2019, the raunchy Netflix theater became a massive hit thanks to its charming personalities and relevance among more youthful audiences. With three seasons beneath the belt and a fourth established to be in action back in September 2021, Sex Education is still bearing strong, but season 4 will see the scholars of Moordale Secondary School sailing into unsteady waters.

Can We expect Otis & Ruby to Get Back Together In Season 4?

The connection that developed between Otis and Ruby in Sex Education seasons 2 and 3 was a turning moment for both personalities, allowing them to develop greatly, with Otis evolving more adult and assured, and Ruby muffling her high-maintenance character. However, even though the new promo photos show the pair jointly, it seems doubtful that their connection will be continued, particularly since the synopsis for season 4 demonstrates that Maeve is living her dream… [and] Otis is pining after her, meaning that his unresolved emotions for Maeve will cause him to keep a space from Ruby. It appears Otis could also be too distracted to think around a relationship, since he’s placed to create up the clinic again, with best pal Eric, in a new school, and will be creating an adjustment to not existing as an only kid any prolonged.

On the other indicator, Otis and Ruby are still tight as of the end of Sex Education season 3, and a simple fling could be just what Otis needs to take his sense off of Maeve. Whether Ruby will be satisfied with this sort of understanding stays to be seen, particularly since her emotions of the love for Otis weren’t returned. Whatever the subject may be, it’s obvious from earlier seasons that Otis will find himself in some challenging circumstances. While no release date has been established for Sex Education season 4, it’s been indicated that filming is already underway, so spectators hopefully won’t maintain to wait long for some new, raunchy experiences.

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