Alia Bhatt BREAKS SILENCE on the verbal attacks she received for being a famous child and declares, “I can’t keep doing that. And don’t watch me if you don’t like me.


One of Alia Bhatt’s best phases of her career is currently underway. Her movie Gangubai Kathiawadi is a recent rarity in Bollywood. Darlings, her Netflix original, has received a lot of positive reviews. Brahmastra, her forthcoming movie with husband Ranbir Kapoor, has sparked a lot of anticipation. The public reacted favourably to her marriage and pregnancy announcements, which brings us to our final point.

However, things were different two years ago. After Sushant Singh Rajput’s passing, other famous people, particularly celebrity children, came under attack. Sadly, she was the target of most trolls after her mentor Karan Johar introduced her as Student Of The Year (2012). Despite being poorly made, her movie Sadak 2 (2020) was released during this time and garnered much more trolls than it would have if it had been published earlier.

Alia Bhatt discussed this topic candidly with Mid-Day during their lengthy interview. In response to a question about how such severe trolling affected her, she said, “I thought the only way I could shut the topic down was through my movies.

Don’t answer, and don’t feel awful about it. Naturally, I felt bad. However, feeling sorry for yourself is a little price to pay for the work you are admired and appreciated for. I produced a movie similar to Gangubai. Who’s laughing the loudest now? Until I deliver my next flop, at least. Right now, I’m giggling.

Alia Bhatt continued, “I can’t keep verbally defending myself. Don’t watch me if you don’t like me. I’m compelled to.

I’m powerless to change that in any way. People have opinions to express. With my films, I can show them that I am genuinely worth the room I take up.

She was, however, forthright enough to acknowledge that a part of her was asking, “What the heck is this nonsense? Why is this happening without cause?

After Kangana Ranaut used the phrase “nepotism” on Karan Johar’s talk programme, “Koffee With Karan,” it became well known.

Alia and other “nepo kids” were targeted in 2020 and accused of utilising their familial connections to rise to fame while those from outside the community were suffering.

Nepotism happens in every business, Alia Bhatt reminded me, and it can be beneficial up to a point before you need to demonstrate your value.

You can similarly recommend someone for a position in technology, marketing, or finance, she continued. But if he does a poor job there, the business loses money.

The largest success indicator is the audience, much like in movies.

After this discussion, Alia Bhatt questioned, “How can I influence where I am born, bhai?”

She continued by saying that her child would need to have thick skin and show themselves tomorrow if they wanted to work in the film industry.

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