The GOT prequel adopts its worst quality.  – Casey Weekly


 Watching the first episode of HBO’s House of the Dragons really made me  question  my TV tastes in my youth. Ten years ago, did I look at all this gory, unnecessary soft porn content and think I was cool? Reflecting on how I  discovered this wonderful fantasy show called Game of Thrones but, of course, it’s full of gross “adult” stuff that’s better than anything else. We think it ranks among the cheapest (definitely budget-wise) and grossest epic fantasies on  offer. 

 A Game of Thrones prequel filled with scenes of unimaginable violence, pain, suffering, and torture, House of the Dragon seems to have learned the wrong lesson from its predecessor. The usual voyeur scenes from the brothels, the women walking around completely naked, usually because they’re too small, and their torture are so detailed that it’s easy to choke. Of course, that would have passed me by as great top-tier TV, but  now I’ve seen much better feminization, sequel dramas, and epic fantasy shows to pass this easily. The House of the Dragons has the potential to be something good when it’s not horribly horrified. It’s looking pretty small this time around, as it only focuses on one House Targaryen house in King’s Landing, which is the division.

The house and  kingdom are ruled by King Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine). He is the  father of Princess Raenira Targaryen (Millie Alcock), the next-door neighbor of the heroine of the series, Daenerys Targaryen, but has a little more life and a less painful childhood than  her great-granddaughter. The show’s sepia-tinted color scheme also helps differentiate it  from Game of Thrones. The show looks beautiful with its perpetually clouded skies, sprawling castles and  stunning sets, but we still don’t know what the costumes and fashions will look like in Game of Thrones 200 years ago. No. Women wear the same clothes, wear the same jewelry, and style their hair in the same way. The king’s robe and hands are the same.

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