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 After much persuasion and prodding from host Karan Yohar, Sidarth Malhotra finally confessed to Karan and Coffey that he was actually dating Kiara Advani…or was he? We’re still a little confused with all the interactions we just saw. Curran performed a clip of Kiara from a previously filmed but unreleased episode of the hit chat show, now in its seventh season. 

 In an episode of Kiara, which appeared alongside Kabir Singh’s co-star Shahid Kapoor, Karan asked  if her relationship with Sidarth was different from the violent  character she shared with Kabir in the film. She smiled, noting the “cunning ways” Karan had tried to get answers from her.  Karan told her to continue denying the relationship “like last season” when Kiara said she would neither deny nor accept. She eventually stated that she was “more than a close friend” with Sidharth Malhotra.  Sidharth, who had just seen the interrogation, asked, “Kuitna Pareshan Kia Apne Karan Usko (Why did you ask her so many questions?”).

When Karan said he had decided what to do at the wedding, Sidharth said, “I’m ready! See you…” when his couch mate raised an eyebrow, which Sidharth finally made it official. He hoped it would be a moment to do so. We want  a happy future and happy life that everyone wants to work. Kalan warns Sid Hearth that she will beat her if she doesn’t receive an invitation to her wedding. Sidharth assured him that it would not happen.

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