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Britney Spears’s ex-husband Kevin Federline just gave a tell-all interview where he articulated the singer’s connection with their sons Sean Preston and Jayden James and contended that the kids have been bypassing her. While Spears herself criticized Federline for his comments, rapper Nicki Minaj also protected her and made supporting remarks.

During the recent episode of her live Queen Radio show, Minaj reached out to Federline for his remarks about Britney and directed her to him as a clown. She said, Do comprehend what kind of a clown you have to be, to be a whole grown f*g man, and as soon as you see somebody happy and getting wedded and moving on and living free and feeling good in their own skin. To do the same thing that you know is going to try to break them down.
Minaj also called him a weakling for using Spears’ renown to speak to the media. The rapper additionally supported Britney by talking about motherhood and counted, She loves her kids better than life itself. Nicki also counted how unhealthy it was to drag the kids publicly into such issues while referring to Federline’s comments.

The Federline-Spears feud began just after Kevin told The Daily Mail in a discussion that their kids had declined to observe the singer’s recent marriage to Sam Asghari. Not only that though Federline also suggested that the two boys are awkward with their mother’s demonstrating Instagram pictures. The singer responded to the comments in a social media post and called them hurtful.

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