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Stranger Things has quite the chorus of characters, with the Duffer Brothers forming a core cast of differing ages, justifications, and capabilities who the developers say needed to be separated across the overarching description of the returning Season 4. The chemistry between the show’s diverse personalities has been an instrumental part of the sequence so far. Debuting before this year, Stranger Things Season 4 observed the series’ largest scale storylines yet. Traversing multiple backgrounds, all of which presented some kind of epic set-piece, Season 4 saw spectators rushing back to Netflix for the long-anticipated recovery after several show uncertainties.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ross Duffer proceeded more particularly on his brother/co-creator Matt Duffer’s review process when choosing which personality pairings fans would get to witness in Season 4. He expresses that for the first three weeks of the report, decisions were still being made on who would end up where with the pair investigating the kind of dynamics each personality pairing could bring to the plain. 

They cite the opening of a more psychologically destructive villain in Vecna and a proportional pace across the description to be key components of Season 4’s success. It was apparently important to find the best personality pairings to allow for this soft pace and evolution of the main opponent to be achieved, while also standing open to the opportunities for new connections and dynamics between the center group of personalities.

Though, new duos like Nancy and Robin may have suddenly become some of the most delightful of Stranger Things so far. The combination of the familiar and the new opened surprising possibilities, reignited old loves, and introduced new fan choices, but above all else remained true to the core value of companionship that has assisted make the series so famous. Interestingly, for a pair of designers who seem to have been creating a villain as important as Vecna since the series’ very beginning, unpredictability in forthcoming dynamics seems to be a reason excitement for them. 

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