Kanye West declares Pete Davidson’s ‘Demise’ amid gossip of separation from rapper’s wife Kim Kardashian – Casey Weekly


After talks of separation between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson outstretched, Kanye West is behind ‘Skete’ again. Kanye West is reaching after Pete Davidson once again this time. On Monday, the Donda rapper conveyed to Instagram to bang the comedian amid rumors that Pete and Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian retain parted routes after a 9-month whirlwind affair. Kanye astonished his followers with a photograph of a newspaper that broadcasted the hideous headline, SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28.

The picture was revised to look like a headline from The New York Times and was just outright aggression on the SNL alum. Although multiple reports declared that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s breakup was a mutual decision made by the loved-up pair as they could not continue their romance amid their long-distance problem and busy timetables while Pete is filming his new appointment in Australia and Kim is entertained with work and family in the US. 

However, this new post by Kanye has initiated netizens to doubt the pair are broken as his actions indicate a more significant drama has set afoot in the Kardashian family. Though clinging to any decisions at this point would be impulsive but it appears like Kanye is prepared to come after Skete once again. Back in March, Kanye implied his resistance to the comedian after news of his and Kim Kardashian’s courtship started revolving around the Internet. Kanye posed Pete’s death in his illustrated music video for Easy. In the video, a clay doll of West was seen squashing Pete on the floor. 

Meanwhile, some netizens also acknowledge that this diss post against the comedian can even be a hint for West’s next narrative. Kanye also bore a dig at his other nemesis Kid Cudi as a short verdict on the bottom of the newspaper read, Kid Cudi told to play funeral but afraid of bottle throwers, referring to Cudi’s Rolling Loud carnival performance in Miami last month when the rapper stepped off the stage as fans pitched objects at him.

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