Angelina Jolie shakes her leg at daughter Zahara’s farewell party. – Casey Weekly


In a video released by Morehouse College, Angelina Jolie is seen dancing at  daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s farewell party. After Angelina tries a few dance steps with her classmates, Angelina leaves the dance floor and goes to hug Zahara.The video was shot by Angelina on Instagram and by Zahara at the famous Spellman in Atlanta, Georgia. It came out hours after she shared that she had enrolled in college. Angelina uploaded a happy photo of Zahara and her new classmates, writing, “Zahara and the Spellman sisters! Congratulations to all the new students starting this school year. It is a very special place and an honor to welcome a new Spellman girl into our family. ” 

 Angelina adopted Zahara from Ethiopia when she was six months old. In a 2020 interview, Angelina said of Zahara, “My daughter is from Ethiopia and she’s one of my children. And I  learned a lot from her. She’s my family, but she’s an extraordinary Being an African woman, her ties to her country, her continent are very important, but what you see, for example, in American history books and how limited they are, is not No. They’re really starting to educate people who are black about their lives through the civil rights movement. 

 Angelina and her ex-husband Brad Pitt have six children. Alongside Zahara are Maddox’s two parents, 18-year-old son Pax, 16-year-old daughter Shiloh,  and 14-year-old twins Knox and Vivian.

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