Jimin dances for J-Hope before the rapper’s Lollapalooza performance.  – Casey Weekly


BTS’ Jimin recently visited Chicago ahead of group member J-Hope’s debut at the Lollapalooza International Music Festival. On his Instagram, J-Hope shared a photo and clip of Jimin and rapper J Cole at the event. J-Hope’s performance at the event will be his first international solo  performance.  In the first two photos, J-Hope and JCole can be seen talking and laughing. The last photo is of J Cole, Jimin and J-Hope. J-Hope in the photo wore an all-white outfit, Jimin chose a white T-shirt and jeans, and J Cole wore a black T-shirt and pants. Everyone was having a good time on set. J-Hope shared the photo with the caption, “Hope World Meets Call World.” 

  J-Hope posted a clip of Jimin at the event on his Instagram Stories. In the short video, Jimin  first posed with his ID and flashed a victory sign to reveal his ‘7’ tattoo. After being prompted by J-Hope, Jimin started dancing while the rapper cheered him up.  In another clip, J-Hope and Jimin were seen dancing at an event. Two BTS members fell in love with rapper Big Sean’s song. J-Hope  posted the video and tagged the singer.  Jimin and J-Hope  danced and cheered for the K-pop group TXT who performed at the festival.  TXT posted a photo of J-Hope and Taehyung taking a selfie together on Twitter. The caption read, “#JHOPE #TAEHYUN with the coolest man alive.” 

 After the performance, TXT member Taehyung hosted a live session and talked about J-Hope and Jimin who attended the concert. Brother) and Hoseoki hyung are here J-Hope will be performing at the concert on Sunday (July 31st) at 9pm (August 1st at 1pm).

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