Is the release date of Batman 2 late? No fan in the Comic-Con message speculates if it will last “five years.”  – Casey Weekly


 The Warner Bros panel in Hall H of SDCC2022 released the  next big release, “Shazam! The Wrath of the Gods and Black Adam. But the lack of updates to Robert Pattinson’s Batman sequel, informally called Batman 2, left fans dissatisfied. It was a wet squib when Henry Cavill didn’t show up to talk about his future as DC’s Man of Steel. There was no information about the sequel to Matt Reeves’ acclaimed movie. That was also a big disappointment. The last update was made during CinemaCon, where Warner Bros. Pictures boss Toby Emmerich confirmed the sequel.

“Matt Reeves has hired one of our most iconic and beloved superheroes to provide a fresh vision that resonates with viewers and provides incredible support for box office performance around the world. Defeated. That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited to share the next news: “Matt, Rob Pattinson, and the whole team bring the crowd back to Gotham in Batman 2.” With the excitement surrounding the next Batman movie, which took five years to complete, the round was on Twitter. At the time of writing, there was no official update as to when the film would enter the production stage. fan. “It shouldn’t be serious why everyone says the Batman 2 will be available in 2026,” another said. “Now that I know Batman 2 will be five years old, life doesn’t make sense.

One fan tweeted,” Five years … no purpose or joy. ” Must. DC needs to bounce to catch up with Marvel. ‘Read one comment. “DC needs to announce fandom this year and trust their film more. Imagine  this was Black Adam’s first Shazam trailer and teaser. Both second or last trailers You need to get it. One of the fans said, “It makes sense to be in fandom to announce  Batman 2,”  “No,  Batman 2 won’t last for five years. Dylan Clark, co-producer with Matt Reeves, joked that the first movie took almost five years (covid’s delay), and this time it’s less than five years, so ask when the sequel will be released. “It was done,” insisted one fan.

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