“I’m an unparalleled talent.”  – Casey Weekly


 The tweet  is “one of the clearest examples of how colorism is affecting Hollywood” because of the disagreement between Palmer, who is currently starring in Jordan Peele’s Nope, and Zendaya’s mainstream charm. It attracted attention by saying that there is. 

  Palmer and Zendaya were both child actors, but according to a Twitter thread, Nope is called Palmer’s breakout performance in some areas. Palmer tweeted on Sunday, “A great example of colorism is that I believe I can compare with anyone. I’m the youngest talk show host  in history. I appeared on her own show at Nicolodeon. The first black woman, and the youngest and first black Cinderella on Broadway. I am an unparalleled talent. Baby, this is Keke Palmer. ” 

 The 28-year-old star continued. “I’ve been a top-notch woman since I was 11 years old. I have over 100 credits and am currently starring in  the number one original script with box office revenue #NOPE. I’ve been blessed so far. I had a good background and couldn’t ask for more, but God continues to amaze me. ” 

 Palmer starred in the sci-fi horror movie Nope, which made her debut at number one on her weekend box office revenue with an estimated $ 44 million. In this movie, Palmer is paired with Daniel Kaluuya. She played the title character of the VP of the Nickelodeon series True Jackson for three years, when Palmer made her debut in 2008. In addition to this year’s Pixar featured speech role in Light Year, Strahan is credited with other credits for Akera and  Bee, Scream Queens, Hustler, Akera and  Bee, and Scream Queens. He also co-sponsored Strahan, Sarah and Keke for the third hour of Good Morning America.

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