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The Duffer brothers are the director of Stranger Things confirming the positioning of season 5 of Stranger Thing’s new characters joining a huge problem for Hawkins’ final battle. One of the most common critiques outside of Stranger Things season 4’s long episode duration was that the scenario was straightened out too thin with all of the new roles. Not only were they taking screen time away from the show’s fixed characters in the California scenario.

Otherwise, all of Stranger Things season 4’s new roles like Jason, Chrissy, and Eddie Munson died in the Season there are still a few who will be coming back for the 5th season of Stranger Things’ final battle. By the end of Stranger Things, season 4 the only new role that makes fun to follow their seriousness in season 5 are Vecna(Played by Henry Creel), Argyle, and Dimitri Enzo Antonov. Nevertheless as put on by Season 4 of Stranger Things’ final shot the important role in scenario season 5 will come back to those of season 1: Eleven against the Upside Down, Mike with Will, Nancy and Jonathan, and Joyce and Hopper.

The Stranger Things has largely forgotten Will and Mike after season 2 by giving them small spaces with Jonathan also barely having anything to do in season 4 aside from getting some scenes with his new friend Argyle, which is another new character. Although these characters required more focus to continue their arcs, Stranger Things season 4 gave considerable screen time to the intolerable Hawkins bully Jason, who would end up being shredded in half by the Upside Down’s gates opening.

However, in The Stranger few major character deaths are expected for Stranger Things season 5’s pivotal battle against Villian Vecna, viewers will have to be ready to say goodbye to some of the most cherished characters. 

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