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Lizzo is impressed with Harry Styles in the first meeting itself . Lizzo shares her first meeting experience with her first meeting with former One Direction vocalist Harry Styles. The two singers shares are a lovely friendship which also turns into a mini performance and fans get excited about their meetups.

Previously when Styles brought on Lizzo as a surprise guest, during a noteworthy performance at Coachella, fans have been excited about their future works together.

Lizzo further shares her experience of her first and very interesting meetup with Harry Styles. The singer firstly shares slight details about how she first became oriented with the singer. Lizzo became a fan of Harry’s after she caught him performing on Saturday Night Live as she says. This is incredible music, this is what came out of my mouth.

Further, when Harry Styles did Juice in his Live Nightclub and I was like, oh my gosh, there’s reciprocal respect here.

Then finally Lizzo described her first actual meeting with the famous Harry Styles as we were going to perform together and it was like, okay, we got to go to Miami to do this show.

She further added that she thought to split the jet, so Lizzo finally met Harry Styles on the jet and spent a good amount of time with him.

In the first meeting itself, She now praised the famous singer that –He is a great person, a great listener, really cares about how you feel, and also very funny. So that is an interesting way to meet somebody for the first time for people with colonial anxiety.

Not only this Lizzo continued her appraisal that the Falling singer can make even the most socially anxious person feel very comfy.

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