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 It may traditionally be dominated by romantic comedies, but the realm of k-drama isn’t really limited to the genre of romance. There is something for everyone, from historical drama to thrillers. But perhaps since the rise of the pandemic-related streaming culture,  there has been one not-to-be-missed development. It is the rise of Korean programming with darker content. The dystopian show found a horde of takers, as people around the world may have been looking for an escape route in a pandemic, but  with the disjointed cheerfulness of a typical love story. And the tremendous worldwide popularity of shows like squid games and sweet homes has also triggered another phenomenon that was previously rare in Korean dramas: the concept of the season.

 In  the past few months alone, several hit dark and dystopian shows have announced a new season and have received a lot of attention from the crowd. So Kdrama fans looking for an adrenaline-inspiring escape are looking forward to it. Squid Game, the world’s most popular front runner in the dystopian kdrama genre, has been given a  green light for its second season. In Season 2, Front Man (played by Lee Byung Hun) and Gi Hoon (played by Lee Jung Jae), probably Gong Yoo, will be resurrected, and new characters will include the killer doll “Friends”.

 However, as writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk said in an interview with Vanity Fair  that Season 2 could arrive as early as late 2023, long wait times can occur. Another series popular with fans, this  has been confirmed in two new seasons, not just one! This action-packed show is about a world where humans turn into monsters and often embody darkness within them. Song Kang will return to conduct an apocalyptic show with actors Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young and Lee Do Hyun.

 Psycho but okay actor Oh Jung Se joins the new  cast. Fans can expect a new season to follow the survivors as they escape the monster-infested buildings and military infection plans. This web series was probably the first dystopian K drama to pave the way for global stardom. Set in the 16th century, it’s a great combination of zombie horror and political  thriller. The series featured celebrities such as Ju Ji Hoon, Seung Ryong Ryu, and Bae Doona. The  acclaimed program was renewed in the second season, and a special side episode “Northern Ashin” starring Jun Ji Hyun appeared. Creator Kim Eun Hee told The Hollywood Reporter that he had enough ideas to go beyond the three seasons. Also, as Korean content is the most popular OTT media, expectations for the next new season are rising. Rumor has it that the  busy actor’s schedule may be the reason behind the delay. Kingdom: There was another spin-off story titled  Crown Prince.

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