Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get happily married in Las Vegas this Saturday – Casey Weekly


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally married each other legally after dissolving their engagement the first time. The couple got secured in Clark County, Nevada on Saturday. As per the reports the marriage has been done under the couple’s legal names which are Jennifer Lynn Lopez and Benjamin Geza Affleck.
At the beginning of this year, Jennifer announced her engagement with Ben, which couldn’t be in a more romantic way, getting down on one knee and in the singer’s favorite place on earth and popping the question to her.

The Marry Me actress mentioned this as her ‘BIGGEST DREAM‘, In The JLo newsletter that the Armageddon actor unexpectedly proposed to her last weekend.
Jennifer Lopez shared in a video, that she was caught off guard at that time. The Marry Me actress also claimed that she was emotional and was in tears when Ben Affleck proposed to her and that the simplicity of it all made it all the more romantic.
The actress said that-” It was nothing fancy at all, but it was the most romantic thing I could’ve ever imagined.”
Jennifer especially mentions that they, Two very lucky people, Who got a second chance at true love.
Jennifer also explained the meaning of why there is a green diamond on her engagement ring, as the green diamonds are very lucky for her.

The couple already had a beautiful history together as they first got engaged two decades ago but could not cross the mark of marriage as according to them the media attention had made their relationship difficult to the helm. They both got separated from each other in the 2004 year and in 2021 April Jennifer Lopez called off her engagement with MLB great Alex Rodriguez.
Now once again after dating for one long year the couple finally walks down the aisle this time.
Previously the star was also seen weeping and staring at her engagement ring.





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