Constance Wu Reveals She Tried to Take Her Own Life After Being Bullied  Online

Insane Rich Asians’ Constance Wu attempted to take her life because of internet savaging – Casey Weekly


Entertainer Constance Wu, who is most popular for her presentation in Crazy Rich Asians, as of late uncovered that online entertainment kickback nearly pushed her to self mischief in 2019. Right around three years after the episode, she drilled down into emotional wellness on Twitter.

Back in 2019, Constance was scrutinized for her negative tweets on the recharging of her series Fresh Off The Boat. The entertainer is set to send off her forthcoming book, named Making a Scene. In a new explanation, she said, “I feared entertainment since I nearly lost my life from it: a long time back, when I made reckless tweets about the reestablishment of my TV show, it touched off shock  that got pretty serious.”

Constance Wu Reveals She Tried to Take Her Own Life After Being Bullied  Online

“I genuinely regretted what I’d said, and when  DMs from entertainer let me know I’d turn into a curse on the Asian American people group, I began feeling as I didn’t have the right to  That I was a shame to AsAms, and they’d be in without me. Thinking back, it’s dreamlike that me to take my own Fortunately, down me and hurried me to the ER,” Constance uncovered.

In 2019, Constance had tweeted about the 6th time of the series and said “So agitated right now that I’m in a real sense crying. Ugh. F**k.” To this, when a she answered, “No it’s not.” Recalling the outcome of 40-year-old entertainer said the ‘frightening second’ made her ‘reconsider a  my had some time off from acting to zero in on her.

Constance Wu last showed up in Chris Pratt’s series The Terminal List. She added that her break from films, clubbed with a ton of treatment has assisted her with feeling ‘sufficiently alright’ to get back to web-based entertainment.





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