In Conversation With International Style Icon And Businessman Alessandro Marinella: Read On


Alessandro Marinella is popularly known as an accomplished Italian fashion entrepreneur, businessman, and style icon. He currently leads the designer brand of ties called E.Marinella. Alessandro comes from a family of dedicated Neapolitan craftsmen and artists who has represented Italian culture through their brand for over a hundred years. Today, E.Marinella is recognized as an exclusive designer brand of ties that offers bespoke tailoring services around the world.

In a brief discussion with Alessandro Marinella, we talk about his brand, views on tradition, and his plans for the future. Below is an excerpt from the conversation:

E.Marinella has come to be trusted as a brand that is authentic and exclusive. What goes behind maintaining credibility?

At E.Marinella, we believe in traditional methods to make and design our ties. They are hand-printed and hand-sewn. Our fabrics are exclusive in the sense that every silk square has “Hand-printed Expressly for E.Marinella” printed on the selvage.

You always talk about how E.Marinella has struck a balance between tradition and modernity. Tell us more.

This is one of the values of our brand. We believe in making accessories in a way that they come with a touch of Naples but at the same time, we also acknowledge the modern world. We aim to be futuristic but the heart and soul of the brand will always have the touch of Naples, Italian craftsmanship, and the promise of authenticity. We also have a perfect unison of the third and fourth generation of the Marinella family. My father Maurizio Marinella and I have a great relationship and that has manifested into great things for our business.


What are your plans for the future?

My priority is to take E.Marinella forward and continue promoting Neapolitan art through the brand. I want the art of Naples to reach every corner of the world. As a style icon too, I want to inspire the youth and enable them to be comfortable with their individual meaning of fashion.









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