Finally the identity of Will Myer’s is revealed in The Stranger Things!! – Casey Weekly

Finally the identity of Will Myer’s is revealed in The Stranger Things!! – Casey Weekly

Noah Schnapp who plays the character of Will Byers in Netflix’s Famous Show Stranger Things finally revealed that his character is gay in the first season there had been many predictions about Will Myers’s attitude since the very first season of Stranger Things. Noah Schnapp says in an interview that Will Myers’s Character will be more expressive as a gay in the final and last season of Stranger Things. And Noah Schnapp also confirms that his character Will Myers is in love with his Best friend Mike Wheeler role played by (Finn Wolfhard), however, he doesn’t want to hurt Eleven’s(role played by Millie Bobby Brown) feelings by confessing his love towards the Mike Wheeler because at the end of the third season Eleven lost his Godfather and start living with Myers Family.

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In an interview, Noah Schnapp said that it is very clear that in this season 4 Mike’s character was intentionally pulling out and struggling to tell everyone that he has a feeling for his best friend and he backed himself and felt like he was not been accepted by his friends and he was doing a mistake. Noah Schnapp also added that Will’s character feels left out by his friends because of his slow growth as a teenager. So that is why this Will Myers Character in Season 4 of Stranger things looks very outdated and seems Anxious about his unsaid feelings.

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The Creator of the show Matt and Ross Duffer already plan to show Will’s story that way but they didn’t tell about this Noah Schnapp about it until this season 4, Now Noah Schnapp can look back and see all the signs he initially missed

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